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Books by Doug Hardee

The Cosmic Whiskey Rebellion (Book 2)

Two interstellar Earthling moonshiners encounter fierce resistance when they attempt to import rock ‘n’ roll and whiskey to the culturally deficient, yet highly scientifically advanced planet, Zeon. The situation becomes even more dire when they and their cohorts are betrayed by friends – and forced to risk everything to save their host planet and new venture.

Will these boisterous and passionate alchemists stay out of lock up – and bring some much needed fire and mayhem to a planet badly in need of excitement and merriment? Will their Zeonese fighter-pilot buddies help fend off the aggressions of a war-like neighboring planet? Or will the masters of this well-run, pristine planet spoil everything the rambunctious Earthlings stand for?

Ready for an Intergalactic round of raucous fun? Take a gulp of The Cosmic Whisky Rebellion – one shot and you’ll be thirsty for more.

Rock the Cosmos! (Book 1)

While patrolling the Galaxy, two alien fighter pilots stumble upon an earth-based music cloud, discovering the rebellious sounds of rock ‘n roll. Obsessed with its raucous sounds, the pilots, with the aid of two wisecracking moonshiners, embark on a journey to bring back two of earth’s greatest exports to their utopia-like planet. Read about how paradise got rocked!